Discover our beauties

They came from all the horizons, California, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium and New Zeland.
It’s the price to pay to have ragdoll kittens protected from too much consanguinity which in the long run provokes immunizing weaknesses and health disorders. They all have been especially chosen mainly on their temperament, their health, their beauty and the reliability of the catteries they are from.

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Our princes

Wheatcrest Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder, aka “Blue” comes from the last ever Purple Heather lines breeder, thank you Gill Majeau for all the good you have done to the breed and the last litter of those precious just for me! He really deserves the name of “Gentle giant”, sweet, careful, gentle and oh so huge! almost 7 kg!

Pedigree 100% traditionnel.

DC Janvier de La Rosdollane

Janvier aka Patapouf is from Flocon d’Argent and Teddybear, blue tabby bicolore mid high white, lilac carrier and forget-me-not coloured eyes, in him dwells all the gentel manners of his ancestries, his father Dow Jones and his grand father Precious Romeo. Janvier is Double Champion LOOF, painfully sticky and wears a fantasticly long angora coat!

Loco Choco de La Rosdollane

Loco Choco, is a non academic chocolate in between the bicolore and the blazed mitted, but he is such a ragdoll temperament that we forgive and forget, when he flops just at adressing to him.

Pedigree 100% traditionnel.

Nos princesses

Siempre Amar Guapa

lovely blue mitted Dutch doll out of traditional lines, Guapa is daughter of Yindi and Shay, a pure marvel of sweetness and beauty, big healthy girl, thank you so much Mirjam for trusting us with Guapa! Guapa has a perfect type but doesn’t show the academic mittens required for the show bench, that’s her weak point, widely overriden by all her pluses. We strongly hope a last litter of this precious lady, but she doen’t seem to want to.

Pedigree traditionnel. (Denny Dayton chart)

CH Hisilomë de La Rosdollane

Hisi is lilac mitted, bright as winter morning. Sweet as mother’s milk. She is having her last litter.

CH Jinxie Lady de La Rosdollane

Blue tabby bicolore (HM) from Hei Moana and TeddyBear, Lady has immenses eyes from grand mother Aurorapetz BluGenes and a beautyful temperament. She has an average size, cold silk coat, and she is championne LOOF.Lady is having her last litter.

Infinity for Odile de La Rosdollane

She was sold to Italy but nobody came to pick her, so she stayed and became the jewel of the cattery. She is chocolate point with the darkest blue eyes ever, from Fanfreluche et de Fahrenheit du Royaume d’Ibis.

Wheatcrest Miss Pretty

Pretty issued from the last living cattery breeding Purple Heather from the beginning of the ragdoll. She is dark coated, has huge doe eyes, and a beautyful temperament. Pretty is most certainly blue bicolore Mid High White. She is mom of Choco and Luna Pequeña. Un immense merci à Gill Majeau de ce magnifique cadeau.

Pedigree 100% traditionnel.

CH Ich Liebe Sie de La Rosdollane

Blue point mitted from Fanette and Teddybear, Liebe has a perfect plastic she inherited from her CAGCE maman Grande championne d’Europe Epiphanie dite Fanette. She is quiet, sweet and talks a lot. Liebe is championne LOOF.

CH Janelle de La Rosdollane

Seal bicolore (HM) Janelle was born from Dushka and Gin Flip de La Rosdollane. Janelle has a great size, a fluffy coat sleek and sliky, perfect markings dark blue eyes and a bit shy.

Janelle est championne LOOF.

Jujube de La Rosdollane

Blue mitted from NennaStar Rubydoll and Wheatcrest Sammy, Jujube is fluffy, has dark blue eyes and perfect markings. She lives with my daughter where she can be the queen.

Pedigree traditionnel (Dennis Dayton chart)

ragdoll blue bicolore

Luna Llena de La Rosdollane

Blue bicolore (true) from Pretty and Joko, Luna Patatina has a beautyful temperament. She has an average size, long cold silk coat.


ragdoll seal mittedLovaMoon de La Rosdollane

Lova est la fille de BlueMoon et de Sammy

Pedigree 100% traditionnel (Dennis Dayton chart)


ragdoll seal mittedWheatcrest BlueMoon

Pedigree 100% traditionnel (Dennis Dayton chart)