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nés le 25/10/2018

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Orlando, mâle blue mitted, en évaluation pour expo repro…

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Adopt a kitten

You completely melted down at meeting our tiny little buddies? We can understand !
Though before making the decision of calling us please read carefully the following section.

Kittens sales conditions

He’s going to depend on you for everything…
I strictly forbid La Rosdollane cats and kitten to be declawed.
La Rosdollane cats and kittens shan’t be sold, leased, or given away to any pet shop to be sold or on display, far less to a research or experiment lab.
This kitten mustn’t be obviously neglected or mistreated.
If for any reason the purchaser cannot keep the cat, he contracts with the breeder not to hand it over to a shelter and to inform the breeder who will find a loving home. (ragdoll rescue)
If the breeder were to know of at least one of this circumstances, she is indefeasibly allowed to immediately and unconditionnaly seize the animal without any compensation and to sue the owner.


To reserve a given kitten, you have to make a deposit of 400 euros as a payment on account, no sooner than when the kitten is 6 weeks old, as it’s not possible to determine the quality of a kitten before this age. This deposit qualified of “acompte” according to the French laws can’t be refunded, except if the kitten prooved to be unavailable due to a force majeure, the kitten would be replaced by a kitten of the same quality of the following litter.
The Seller can’t be held liable for veterinary bills of this kitten.
No cash refund.
The Ragdoll is strictly an indoor cat and cannot be allowed to roam freely outdoors.


Purchaser has 72 hours following purchase to have this kitten examined by a vet in case of a health claim.

The kitten is guaranteed for 1 year for any lethal genetic defects upon receiving an autopsy report from a licensed veterinarian, stating the cause of death. This kitten is also garanteed for Feline Infectious peritonitis upon same proof. The guarantee is limited to replacing the cat with the next available kitten of the same quality.
The kitten purchased as pet  or show pet is not to be used for breeding. It will be neutered or spayed before leaving the cattery.
NB: pets are genuine Ragdolls, they have the temper, the body shape and size, the hair, the name and pedigree of the breed. They may have light imperfections from the standard (refer to LOOF standards), you’ll be noticed of the nature of it.
Kittens will be sold as a breeder under very special conditions on my sole discretion to carefully screened registered catteries.